Film Cleaning Solvent


Now is the time to take action and switch to a film cleaning solvent that is an excellent replacement cleaner for many of the current film cleaning solvents. From trichloroethylene (or TCE based solvents) which are known carcinogens (which GenTech-FC is not considered to be an IARC carcinogen) to FilmGuard (which leaves an oily residue which GenTech-FC does not), to HFE-8200 (very expensive which GenTech-FC is not), GenTech-FC solves a variety of issues that current cleaners leave behind.


A Quality Film Cleaner exists to replace trichloroethylene and other chlorinated / fluorinated solvents.

GenTech-FC is US Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program approved for solvent cleaning applications.

You can count on GenTech-FC Film Cleaning Solvent to be:

  1. Not an IARC carcinogen

  2. Non-ozone depleting

  3. Non-flammable

  4. Non-polarizing (anti-static)

  5. Non-residual

  6. Highly effective and powerful

GenTech-FC Film Cleaning Solvent is compatible with a wide array of film stock

GenTech-FC is gentle and compatible with a wide variety of film stock, from delicate archival film to nitrate film stock. GenTech-FC can be used effectively, due to its non-flammability, anti-static properties, and fast evaporation times. See the Plastic Compatibility Chart for additional information.

GenTech-FC cleans a variety of contaminants

From fingerprints to gearing oils, from dirt to dust, GenTech-FC will effectively clean and remove a variety of contaminants from your film without leaving any residue. GenTech-FC dries quickly and cleans powerfully. GenTech-FC will help to relax "curl" and "saggy bag syndrome".

GenTech-FC is a Direct Replacement Film Cleaning Solvent for TCE, PERC and HFE-8200

GenTech-FC is considered a direct replacement for TCE, PERC, methylene chloride, and alcohol. Use the GenTech-FC exactly the way you have been using your other film cleaning solvent. Additionally, GenTech-FC is an excellent, economical replacement for Novec HFE-8200, with all of the same performance, but a fraction of the cost.

Unlike more toxic solvents, GenTech-FC leaves no measurable residue or contaminants that can scratch your film or leave abrasions. It evaporates quickly so you don’t have to worry about winding up your film wet.

Easy to Ship and Always Available

Unlike other solvents, GenTech-FC is non-hazardous for shipping. GenTech-FC ships UPS and FED EX to anywhere in the country and it is always in stock. Call today and it ships today.

Why buy from Reliance Specialty Products

  1. Experienced staff of experts in the solvent cleaning industry.  We are experts in ultrasonic cleaning, and technical support team will facilitate a seamless switchover.

  2. High Quality, always in stock.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our solvent, which among other exacting internal specifications conforms to the ASTM 6368 specification.

  3. Excellent Customer Support and Service. When you call, we personally answer the phone. We work hard to help you place orders, get your solvent quickly and efficiently, answer questions, and get you the help you need.

  4. Buy direct, as we are the manufacturers. We manufacture and quality control our products in-house in accordance with our exacting quality assurance process.

GenTech-FC is a powerful solvent - so test and dispose of properly

As with any powerful product, please test before using to ensure that your process and GenTech-FC are compatible. Also, please do not dispose of the GenTech-FC into the sink or ground water system. For smaller quantities, the solvent will evaporate quickly so disposal should not be a problem.

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